Skillz For Life


skillz for life

SKILLZ for Life initiative sponsored by The ExxonMobil Foundation, launched in 2015. The initiative is implemented by SO Nigeria, in partnership with Grass Root Soccer, a South Africa based NGO.

This ground-breaking programme utilizes the power of sports (football) and a specially adapted curriculum to provide malaria and HIV/AIDS education, voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) and services to people with intellectual disabilities (ID), their families and communities.

Implementation has occurred in the South West, South South, South East and North Central geo-political regions of Nigeria with impact of over 400 coaches trained, and more than 8000 graduated participants from the initiative. Currently on target to reach an additional 2,000+ people with ID in the North West, and parts of the North Central region yet to be reached.

The project’s curriculum is reviewed annually using feedback and Monitoring & Evaluation findings, to ensure that health information is designed according to the needs, comprehension levels, best practices and peculiarities of implementation regions.

The initiative has greatly impacted the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, coaches, family members and communities.


Using football as the medium, the project provides education, awareness and delivery of prevention tools and services to SO Nigeria athletes, their families and communities by scaling and refining the lessons learned and best practices from successive implementation of the initiative.


SO Nigeria has established relationships with Red Cross, UNICEF, Ministry of Health Nigeria, Malaria No More, Society For Family Health (SFH), Africare, Lions International, Youth Empowerment Development Initiative (YEDI), Peace Corps, Chamagne Foundation, Mission 5000 Plus, Development for Africa, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Kids & Teens Resource Centre (K&TRC), Hope For Family Development Initiative, Lagos State Ministry of Health, Family Care Africa, and Royal Heritage Health Foundation.


  • World Health Malaria and AIDs days 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Over 3000 people have attended these health forums. VCTs were carried out,
    mosquito nets distributed, and drugs given to those who tested positive to malaria while those who tested positive to HIV were counselled and
    referred for further treatment.


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