Athlete Leadership

Capacity Building

Athlete Leadership

Athlete Leadership is an engaging way to prepare athletes to undertake meaningful positions of influence and leadership, both on and off the playing field throughout the Special Olympics movement. Athletes find the courage and skill to influence change and create inclusive communities around the world.

Today individuals with intellectual disabilities sit on the Board of Special Olympics, serve as coaches and officials and are employed by Special Olympics around the globe. We want the world to be inclusive and need Special Olympics athletes to contribute in ways beyond the sports field. Athletes must lead the way, educating the world about their potential and driving Special Olympics forward through their insights and contributions.

Special Olympics Nigeria Athlete leadership is evolving into an academy with mentors enhancing the abilities of athletes, and a specialized work ready curriculum educating them on communications, sports, governance, work activities to prepare athletes to serve as sports coaches, officials, members of Input councils, the board, and employment opportunities in various organizations. 

The academy has over 20 athletes ready to showcase their capabilities in opportunities availed to them.


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