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Special Olympics Nigeria Conducts First Ever Mentorship & Health Advocate Training

Special Olympics Nigeria Conducts First Ever Mentorship & Health Advocate Training

Special Olympics Nigeria in collaboration with Grassroot Soccer organized the first ever Mentorship and Health Advocate training for Master Coaches, Athletes and Parents & Teachers at National Orthopaedic Special School Igbobi, Lagos from 17th – 28th September 2018.

The workshop was conducted as one of the key sustainability strategies for the Skillz 4 Life initiative with the aim to incorporate SO Nigeria athletes into the Skillz For Life programme as master coaches who would train other athletes on the Skillz curriculum.

The parents and teachers training focused on inclusion and healthy living at the community level through advocacy. Participants shared their challenges and successes in raising and teaching children and adults with intellectual disability and learned from each other how to better manage their wards.

The workshop included a Health Messenger training which focused on healthy living through physical fitness, hydration, nutrition and personal hygiene. Participants were also trained by officers from the Child Protection Network (CPN) a child rights group based in Lagos with branches all over Nigeria on how to identify, handle and report cases of abuse among children with and without intellectual disability.

A total of 11 athletes and 10 coaches, 9 parents and 13 teachers were trained at this event. We look forward to expanding the coverage of this workshop in 2019.

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Master Coaches and Athletes Training  
Parents and Teachers Training 
Health Messengers Training

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