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Go Inclusive All the way

Go Inclusive All the way

Special Olympics Nigeria launched a new project tagged the “GOInclusive Project”, aimed at raising public awareness about the inclusion of children and adult living with intellectual disability (ID) into the society. Essentially, this project hopes to stir up the drive within individuals, companies, health establishments, sports federations, government and the general public to embrace the integration of people with ID.   

This project is borne out of the discrimination faced by people with ID in our local community where they are treated as misfits and outcasts. This attitude stems from ignorance and intolerance towards people with ID. Many misconceptions exist which this project seeks to correct about people with ID, thereby fostering positive attitude and acceptance towards them.

With adequate support and assistance given to people with ID, they can excel at various areas of life, including sports, administrative duties, and other specialized skills.

To ignite the movement for the support of equal opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities, the GoInclusive project will kickstart with a media campaign launch using the hashtag GOInclusive (#GOInclusive) which will feature various individuals posting pictures, videos and media challenge encouraging others to stand up for inclusion. The social media campaign will run for about 6 weeks culminating in a fun day event that will include conversations on disability, unified games, unified sports, dance and other activities amongst our athletes, celebrities and other participants. Special Olympics branded souvenirs such as stickers, keyholders, bottles etc. will be distributed at the event to celebrate the inclusion revolution movement.

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