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Healthy Athletes Initiatives

Doctors attending to a child at a health screening event.

Special Olympics Healthy Athletes Initiatives helps athletes to improve their training and competition by focusing on overall health and fitness. This is achieved through basic health screenings during Special Olympics events, provision of preventative and treatment services, educational information, and referrals for follow-up care. Athletes have enhanced sports experiences and improved well-being as a result of receiving critical health services.

Healthy Athletes includes several disciplines: Fit Feet, FUNfitness, Health Promotion, Healthy Hearing, Opening Eyes® and Special Smiles®, as well as MedFest, a program that facilitates the required standard sports physical examination for current and prospective Special Olympics athletes.

In Nigeria, the following Healthy Athletes disciplines are currently in operation: Opening Eyes, (Supported by lions club international, this initiative is designed to assist athletes with eye related issues and after neccesary examination are provided with prescription glasses.) Special Smiles, (Designed to cater for athletes dental needs and hygiene) MedFest (This is a total general body screening excersise) FUNfitness,(the physical therapy discipline of Special Olympics Healthy Athletes ® that addresses the ongoing health needs of Special Olympics (SO) athletes) as well as Healthy Hearing, (a program designed to ensure proper audiological care for current and prospective Special Olympics Nigeria athletes).


Special Olympics Lions Club Opening Eyes

Special Olympics Special Smiles

Healthy Hearing   

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